A Sandwich and A Sign in the Making – Pittsburgh 15239

Today, Signs of Excellence was on location at Rudy’s Subs in Plum, PA.  Our assignment was to photograph a 3-foot long sub sandwich in the making. 

After editing, the 3-foot long sandwich will be loaded in to Adobe Illustrator and shaped into a sign that will be displayed in Rudy’s Sub shop, Golden Mile Highway location.


Franklin Regional Marching Banner Murrysville, PA

This week Signs of Excellence had the opportunity to create Franklin Regional Marching Band’s banner which is mounted on a unique frame with fold-out handles on each side for the marchers.  The banner was previously made of cloth, but replaced with long-life vinyl that was digitally printed on our large format printer.  The seams are welded with an automated banner welding machine which was purchased earlier this year.

Banners can be produced in all sizes and all shapes and they can be digitally printed or created with vinyl shapes and lettering cut on an automated plotter.  Our plotter is a 63 inch wide Graphtec which has become a sign industry standard.  The advantages of digital printing are full color and full photographic quantity.  The advantages of cut vinyl are lower cost and longevity of the sign.  Since the letters and shapes are cut from solid color vinyls there is very little change in color over time.  Even direct sunlight on the letters and shapes has very little effect on the solid colors.