Restoration Project at Mallard Landing Murrysville, PA

Signs of Excellence is Your Source for Sign Solutions.  Mallard Lading is a beautiful housing plan that features a wonderful pond and an attractive entrance monument sign.  The residents were having some issues with trespassers fishing at the pond and doing damage to the surroundings.  Signs of Excellence was asked to create an attractive sign at the pond to identify the area as for residents only.  The home owners wanted a sign that would  blend with the environment yet be effective in discouraging non-residents from using the pond area.  We came up with the idea of a duck landing at the pond.  The sign was created from two layers of 1 inch thick PVC cut on a CNC router and custom painted.



In addition to creating indoor and outdoor signs completely from scratch. we repair and restore existing signage.  Mallard Landing features an attractive sign at the entrance which was showing some signs of age with faded paint, and, most notably, a missing duck.  We hear that the duck had a bad run in with a baseball bat and the baseball bat won.  The photos show the before and after results of the Signs of Excellence restoration project.  We refreshed the paint with some changed colors and we replaced the Mallard duck.



The duck was somewhat of an experiment.  We found a two-dimensional clip art image on the internet that our design team parsed into segments that could be manipulated in our 3d editing software.  The breast, wing and duck’s head areas were raised up and the duck’s back area was lowered to very closely resemble the previous duck which had met with an untimely demise.  The 3d shape was carved into a block of high density urethane (HDU) on our CNC-router and then carefully hand-painted in five colors.

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