Jaden’s Catering Delivery Vehicle Monroeville, PA

Our good friends and customer, Jaden’s Catering, use 15 vehicles in their business.  With a fleet this size on the road all the time, accidents are bound to happen.  Signs of Excellence has wrapped three of the Jaden’s vehicles over the past two years.  One of the vehicles experienced a small incident which required the right rear panel to be replaced.

After the body work was completed, Signs of Excellence was challenged to match and replace the graphics on the right rear panel.  Can you tell which panel of graphics was replaced?  I don’ think so.

Call Signs of Signs of Excellence at 724 325 SIGN (7446) for all of your vehicle graphic needs.  From simple lettering to vehicle wraps like we perform for Jaden’s Catering, we will turn your vehicle into a traveling advertising machine.

Dimensional Letters SPA 28, Harmarville, PA

SPA 28 invited Signs of Excellence to design their exterior sign a year ago.  This week we returned to SPA 28 to design, build and install an interior sign for the business.

Our customer wanted a 3-dimensional sign that would be eye-catching and professional.  Using the exterior sign as a guide, we created a sign featuring stand-offs, a clear acrylic background and raised lettering and logo.

Norwin Elks Club New Sign Faces Part 1

This week we completed step one of a four step process to improve the signage for the Norwin Elks Club.  Step one was to remove and replace the main sign for the club.  The old sign has been in place for over ten years, and while it was still serving it purpose, the club wanted a new, refreshing look.  The new sign features raised pans and raised lettering for a true 3-d presentation. The old and the new signs are shown together above.  What a huge improvement.

The lower sign panels will be replaced in step two.  This will be a changeable letter sign similar to what you see in the photo, but with a raised pan with more 3d appeal.  Steps three and four will be to upgrade the lighting to LEDs and finish off the sign with a fresh coat of black paint.

Sign Refurbishment, LED Conversion Delmont, PA

Here is photo of a sign box that we refurbished at Delmont-Salem Shopping Plaza in Delmont, PA.  The original sign was about 15-years old.  The paint was badly faded and the fluorescent tubes would no longer light up.  We replaced the sign face with polycarbonate and new translucent graphics.  We replaced the lighting with high intensity LED modules.  Signs of Excellence has replaced many of the signs in Delmont-Salem plaza including many sign panels on the towering entrance sign next to Highway 22.  In the long run, it is often less expensive to convert an aging fluorescent tube sign cabinet into an LED lighted sign.  We can add a fresh coat of paint to the sign box and you will be good for another 15 years or more. Call Signs of Excellence, Inc. today for a no obligation quote on a new sign or a sign refurbishment — 724 325 SIGN (7446).

Vehicle Wrap by Signs of Excellence, Inc. Murrysville, PA

Last week we wrapped Rutledge Cleaning’s 2017 Chey Express Van.  Chris and Dan, our designers and installers, completed the task in about 6 hours.  I have reduced the install time to 1 1/2 minutes in this video.  Give us a call at 724 325 7446 and we will be happy to quote on your vehicle graphics project.  We can tackle any graphics project from simply a business name and phone number on the vehicle door to a complete vehicle wrap with photographic images.

Message Centers Education 101

Changeable electronics signs are referred to as: Message Centers, Message Boards, Reader Boards, Electronic Signs and a probably a few other names that didn’t come to my mind. No matter what we call them, the good news is that the price of this type sign is coming down. There has been a 25% change in price over the past 5 years. This is mostly due to competition and education of the public. The internal workings of an electronic message center may seem like rocket science to many, but when its broken down to its components, it not much more complicated than a desk top PC which many of us have built on our own. The brain of an electronic message board is in fact a small PC inside of the main cabinet that is about the size of a Smartphone. The computer inside of the message center gets it information from an external computer, usually and notebook PC. The external PC can be up to 1/4 mile away from the message center sign and still communicate with the sign. This remote communication is made possible by a Nano Transmitter mounted near the external PC and Nano Receiver mounted near the message center sign. On a small scale, this works like a microwave tower. The commands are “beamed” from the external PC to the Nano Receiver which is connected to the signs internal computer.

Digital Message Center Delmont PA

This is one of our electronic message centers installed for Cornerstone Ministries at 2200 Cornerstone Ln, Export, PA.This is a double sided, 2-foot by 16-foot sign that replaced a monochrome message center that had been installed in the same location for many years. This sign is fully programmable and can handle any text font as well as full color digital images.

It is built using four 2-foot by 8-foot LED panels which weight over 300 pounds each. The individual panels are bolted together and then welded in place. Once the signs are installed they can be configured in software to act as one large message center or four completely separate message centers.  One image shown is taking advantage of screen splitting which allowed two different messages (or images) to be displayed at the same time with or without transition effects. The another image is taking advantage of the full 16-foot sign width to display Cornerstone Ministries.

Stop by and have a look.  While you are there, take a minute to visit the church and meet the great people there. The church facilities and the people are awesome.

Signs of Excellence is a full service sign supplier.  In addition to electronic message centers we design and build all types of outdoor and indoor signage. Give us a call at 724 325 SIGN (7446) or visit our sign shop at 4225 Old William Penn Hwy, Murrysville, PA – next to Dicks Diner.

This article written by Ken Kelsey


Restoration Project at Mallard Landing Murrysville, PA

Signs of Excellence is Your Source for Sign Solutions.  Mallard Lading is a beautiful housing plan that features a wonderful pond and an attractive entrance monument sign.  The residents were having some issues with trespassers fishing at the pond and doing damage to the surroundings.  Signs of Excellence was asked to create an attractive sign at the pond to identify the area as for residents only.  The home owners wanted a sign that would  blend with the environment yet be effective in discouraging non-residents from using the pond area.  We came up with the idea of a duck landing at the pond.  The sign was created from two layers of 1 inch thick PVC cut on a CNC router and custom painted.



In addition to creating indoor and outdoor signs completely from scratch. we repair and restore existing signage.  Mallard Landing features an attractive sign at the entrance which was showing some signs of age with faded paint, and, most notably, a missing duck.  We hear that the duck had a bad run in with a baseball bat and the baseball bat won.  The photos show the before and after results of the Signs of Excellence restoration project.  We refreshed the paint with some changed colors and we replaced the Mallard duck.



The duck was somewhat of an experiment.  We found a two-dimensional clip art image on the internet that our design team parsed into segments that could be manipulated in our 3d editing software.  The breast, wing and duck’s head areas were raised up and the duck’s back area was lowered to very closely resemble the previous duck which had met with an untimely demise.  The 3d shape was carved into a block of high density urethane (HDU) on our CNC-router and then carefully hand-painted in five colors.

If you have a new sign requirement or a sign restoration project, give Signs of Excellence a call at 724 325 7446.  We offer free design suggestions and free estimates.

Lobby Sign Metal-Faced Foam, Murrysville, PA Shiring Agency

Shiring Agency chose Signs of Excellence to fabricate their name and logo on our CNC router. This branding treatment was created from a 4 X 8 sheet of Gatorfoam with an epoxied layer of brushed aluminum on the top. The letters and logo are adhered to the wall using 3M Very High Bond (VHB) tape. (This same VHB product is used to bond fiberglass truck and vehicle bodies.)

Shiring Agency has been serving the Mon Valley area since 1927. With new ownership comes fresh ideas and a strong commitment to EXCELLENCE.  Maybe Shiring chose us for their signage because we are also committed to EXCELLENCE.  Its not just our name its our promise.
The Shiring Agency is under the new ownership and management of Gina Giacchino, born and raised in and around the area, bringing 18 years of personal experience to the company.

Gina attended the Indiana University of Pennsylvania and graduated with her degree in education before starting her real estate career in 1999. Working over the years as a full-time agent while raising three beautiful children, she now has the opportunity to follow her passion in building a company of her own.
The Shiring Agency staff are professional, experienced, and eager to please their clients in all property management and real estate  transactions. In business since 1927, Shiring is combining new energy, ideas, technology, and a “boutique” style real estate company to create the positive experience and guidance that clients deserve.

Gina is a joy to work with.  Sign of Excellence also designed and installed their outdoor post and panel sign and it is getting them noticed as hundreds of cars drive by every day on Old William Penn Highway.

Here are a few other interior lobby signs produced in a similar manner as Shiring . . . . .



Give Scott or Ken at call at 724 325 SIGN (7446) and we will be happy to design, fabricate and install interior or exterior signs for your business.

Vehicle Wrap Monroeville, PA for Jaden’s Catering

This is the second vehicle that Signs of Excellence, Inc. wrapped for Jaden’s Catering adding to their fleet of 13 vehicles.  Jaden’s also has a number of food trailers that you have no doubt seen on the highways.  I expect Signs of Excellence will have the opportunity to wrap one of Jaden’s food trailers in the not too distance future.

We wrapped this vehicle using high performance vinyl with a protective over-laminate.  Jaden’s will enjoy this traveling advertisement for their catering business for many years.

Jaden’s has been in business for over twenty-five years serving a wide geographic area from Meadville to South Morgantown WV, East from Altoona to west Steubenville, OH; and of course, Monroeville and the immediate cities that surround it.

Jaden’s is also the location where the Greater Pittsburgh Business Connection (GPBC) meets every Wednesday at 7:15 AM.  In fact, the owner of Jaden’s is the president of the GPBC.

Signs of Excellence, Inc. CONNECTED with Jaden’s through our membership in the Greater Pittsburgh Business CONNECTION.

Jaden’s recognizes the power of having advertising on its vehicles.  The owner shared with us that the cost of a vehicle wrap is about the same as two newspaper ads.  The ads run once and are done.  A vehicle wrap can last 5 to 10 years and may even last longer than Jaden’s would use the vehicle for delivery.

Your business image is extremely important to your company branding and Signs of Excellence can help you present a high quality image that will be seen everywhere you drive.

If you want great food, call Jaden’s Catering at 412 373 8575.

If you want great business relationships and referrals visit GPBC at http://www.greaterpittsburghbusinessconnection.com/

If you want a great vehicle wrap and/or help with business branding call Signs of Excellence, Inc. at 724 325 SIGN (7446) or visit our web site at www.signsofexcellenceinc.com.  You can also find our latest projects whether it’s a vehicle wrap, interior or exterior business signs or banners on our Facebook Page:    signsofexcellenceinc.com.

Written by Ken Kelsey, Signs of Excellence, Inc.  Murrysville, PA 15668