20160416_091043Recently, we were contacted by Intervala, a contract manufacturing facility previously known as Ducommun.  Signs of Excellence had the good fortune to change out all of Intervala’s signage.   There were many types of signs that had to be replaced to reflect the new company image.  We were very excited to have been chosen by Intervala to perform this important work.

This photo displays one of the larger signs we created at Intervala at fifteen feet wide and about two feet tall.  In was machined on our CNC router from 1/2 thick PVC, painted to the company’s colors.  The Globe consists of a PVC circle with a laminated digital print on high performance vinyl.

One of the great benefits of having custom signage installed inside your facility is that it boldly presents your name and logo to visiting customers.  Intervala has already received great comments from its customers and its employees.  By using the best quality products and materials on the market to create these types of signs, we can ensure that your business will have a very professional appearance that your customers and employees will enjoy.

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Prepared by Ken at Signs of Excellence, Inc.