Projecting Sign

Projecting signs stick out so they can be seen by traffic

that would not see the storefront signage. In areas where

you have a lot of foot traffic, a projecting sign is a great

way for people to be able to see your business from far down the street.


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A projecting sign can be an excellent sign option for storefronts with frequent foot traffic. These signs stick out and away from the building to allow for greater visibility from a longer distance. Many companies utilize these signs to gain legible viewing from roadways or past extended buildings and foliage, where  their other signs would not be visible.

There are many customizing options that are available with projecting signage. They can feature high resolution images, custom color combinations, stylized fonts, and you can even incorporate your business’s brand to increase the public’s awareness of your brand. Our expert design team will work with you to guarantee you are left with a sign investment that is cohesive with your location and productive in its purpose!

Do you have questions about projecting signs? Would you like to learn more about the other sign options open to you? Contact us today at (724) 325-7446, and we will share all the benefits your business can receive from a custom projecting sign!




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