Scott, Kelsey, Signs of Excellence, earns the SIGNWorld Bronze award for sales growth in 2015.

This weekend, Scott and I attended the SIGNWorld Owner’s convention in Las Vegas Nevada.  The program began on Thursday, May 19 and was completed on Sunday May 22.

There were a host of guest speakers covering such topics and social media, efficient and effective business management and creating the right business culture.

Technical topics included channel letter fabrication, CNC routing, flat bed printing, vehicle wraps and more.

Over sixty supplier/vendors displayed their latest products on a huge display floor reserved by the SIGNWorld staff.  Here are some pictures of the vendor display area.

20160521_112610 20160521_112624

Signs of Excellence, Inc. received its initial training from SIGNWorld in 2006 and we opened our business in January 2007. Unfortunately, the economy tanked in 2008 and did not recover until about 2012, but this did not hold us back.  We continued to invest in our business adding new equipment:  CNC router, Bucket truck, 3-D software for sign design, and other improvements.

We traveled to Las Vegas to receive the Bronze level sales recognition award.  Of course we would have liked to have achieved this sales level a few years ago, but it wasn’t in the cards (get it –  Las Vegas, cards). SIGNWorld is not a franchise, its a business opportunity.  SIGNWorld provides initial training and the equipment to get started and then provides support when needed along the way.

This is the fifth time that we attended the SIGNWorld Owner’s convention.  At first, we were only participating every two years, but this makes our third trip in a row. Following last year’s convention, we purchased a new wide format printer, a new wide format plotter and a banner welder.

 A banner welder is used to create strong seams on all four edges of the banners that we produce.  Before purchasing the welder, we had the time-consuming task of sewing all four sides.  I would have to say that our staff are very excited about the banner welder as they did NOT enjoy sewing banners. 

There were many new SIGNWorld business owners at the convention.  We are now part of a network of over 300 independent sign company owners.

We are leaving this convention this year with no new equipment purchases since we are in pretty good shape after replacing much of our major production equipment in 2015.

Written by Ken Kelsey May 22, 2016