From a referral that came through the Greater Pittsburgh Business Connection, we reached out to a new client in Wilkinsburg. PA.  A relationship developed quickly and we were selected to remove and replace all of the signage at a closed Popeye fast food restaurant.  The new business is Liam’s Fish, Wings and Things.  Popeye’s was a franchise location; Liam’s is a privately-owned business enterprise.

20160603_111558The highway sign was so large that we had to fabricate it in our front parking lot.  The sign shape was hand-cut using a saber saw.  Graphics were printed on our large format printer, laminated and then applied in our parking lot.

After the sign face was completed, we had to roll it up to fit into our box truck for transport to Wilkinsburg, PA.  Fortunately, the sign face made of polycarbonate is flexible to an extent.

On location we painted the existing sign cabinet changing it from Popeye orange to Liam’s blue.  After painting we used our Signs of Excellence bucket truck and a leased JLG man-lift to install all new fluorescent tubes.  This was followed by hoisting the two sign faces into place one by one.

20160603_191932 20160603_182406 20160603_163404 20160603_161830

As the sun began to set we positioned the second sign face and secured the sign face retainers.  Total installation required about 4 hours with two installers in the air and one safety monitor on the ground.


Liam’s will be opening its doors to the public in mid-June.  A soft opening has already occurred for the remodeling contractors and friends of the owners.

The owners are from New York, but have taken up residence in Wilkinsburg to manage their new business.

We all looking forward to enjoying fish and wings at the new Liam’s restaurant.  The owner has also made application for a liquor license which will certainly attract more customers.

Signs of Excellence, Inc was also selected to produce and install signs on the exterior and interior of the business which we will share in a future blog on this site.

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Written by:  Ken Kelsey, Signs of Excellence, Inc.  4225 Old William Penn Hwy, Murrysville, PA 15668

724 325 7446.